Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tide pools

She struggled to keep her balance, and mercifully, she succeeded. Hopping from rock to rock while waves crashed just inches from her tennis shoes was probably not one of her better ideas, but she couldn't resist. She hadn't explored tide pools since she was a young girl; just the idea had made her feel twenty years younger.

As she had so very many years ago, she kept a running list of her finds in her head. Sea anemones were by far the most common, followed by the little clams and hermit crabs. It still startled her to reach for a pretty shell and have it run off; or worse, poke out a leg when she picked it up. Kelp, certainly. But she had also seen a couple of starfish, and some shells that she could not identify.

As she worked her way across, her balance improved. She still had it.

© 2009 Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

Sterling silver, lampwork by Donna Millard of Donna Millard Art Glass Beads and Jewelry. Hand fabricated.

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