Monday, August 4, 2008

Finding strength

"Hang being strong, anyway," she thought, resisting the rebellious impulse to kick something. Suddenly feeling as if she were thirteen years old again was not a pleasant feeling. Thirteen hadn't been good the first time around, and she had no intention of doing it again.

"Take a deep breath," she told herself, but the tears wouldn't stop. What was up with that? She was a grown woman; strong, secure, comfortable with herself. She'd laid these demons to rest years ago, or at least she thought she had. It was terrifying how quickly they took up residence in her mind; rearranging the furniture and painting the walls a terrifying shade of insecurity.

One finger at a time, she opened the fists she'd made.

© 2008 Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

Turquoise, Coral, glass beads and gold-filled maille. Hand fabricated choker length necklace.


Marie Cristine said...

It's amazing! I've never seen maille and bead embroidery together before, it's lovely combination!

Kerrie Slade said...

Hi Cynthia;

I just found your blogs and I have to say I love everything about them - your work, the insights and especially the tales told!

I do hope you pick up the beads again soon!

Kerrie :0)

Anonymous said...

I sure wouldn't have thought to even look for any jewelry from you for a month of so, considering you have moved!! Gorgeous pieces here and below!! Are the only boxes you have empty your beadwork stuff?? LOL

Anonymous said...

An amazing ancient civilizations looking piece !

Anonymous said...

It is really fabulous !