Friday, May 25, 2007

A Mermaid's Tale

Did you ever wonder what happened to the little mermaid's mother when her daughter moved from the world under the sea to the world above? This bracelet tells her story:

She felt as though she had been torn in two, but just like this pearl, their connection was not broken. Her life went on, taking its own path, as did her daughter's. At first, she could think of nothing but missing her child; but finally she came to realize that their hearts would always be connected, no matter how far, nor how long, they were apart.

Her tears eventually crystallized into the beautiful aquamarine of the sea, and she wore them on a chain that would spiral through even more generations of her family. She still missed her daughter every day, but in a quieter way.

She would always wish that she could witness the small things in her daughter's life; see the expression on her face, hear her voice, touch her cheek. She was not without recourses: the dolphins, who live in water, but breathe air, carried her daughter's world to her every day. It was not enough, but she made it enough. She went on, as mothers do, taking comfort in the happiness of her child, though she missed her dearly for the rest of her days.

© 2007 Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

Sterling silver, freshwater pearl, aquamarine. Hand fabricated.

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