Monday, January 29, 2007

Archer Elf's Cuff

Yes, another leaf! A big one this time -- as big as I can make it using my leaf stamp. First I stamped the basic shape of the leaf from copper sheet, and then I used my hammer, dapping and chasing tools to give it some life and character. When I was finished, I gave it a colorful heat patina. My son thinks I should make another as a hair ornament, and I think he may be right! So, I may not be finished making leaves yet. (if ever!)

For this bracelet, my little butane torch was just not enough. I made the jump to propane, and it is super. A little bit scary, but also very exciting; no matter what my horoscope says, I am most certainly a fire sign. Although I love many different aspects of making jewelry, fire is definitely my favorite. There is something so satisfying about making metals merge and become solid; no matter how much I love gems and beads it's working with metal that make my heart beat faster.

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