Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Early Spring

It happened so suddenly; one day it was still winter, dull and grey, and the next morning everything was turning green. Leaves unfurled before the sun rose, and forsythia and daffodils trumpeted bright yellow notes under blue, blue skies.

Spring green is like no other; it has a freshness that no other season can duplicate. The world looks scrubbed clean and freshly painted. Later in the year, the garden will be thicker and very, very lush; but never again will it be such a wonderful shade of green.

Winter is finally over.

© 2008 Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

Vintage glass chatons, seed beads, 14k gold-filled accents. Hand fabricated princess length necklace.

In the private collection of Claudia Newcomer


disamare said...

I love the way you bead , it is a pleasure to admire your work , each piece is so creative, elegant and delicate , it is a wonderful "trip" to your blog ; Thank you for these moments of happiness and dreaming.

Bernadette alias Disamare

Laurel said...

I missed this one, Cindy this is so lovely!

Zsuzsi said...

WOW! A big bow to you. This is so beautiful! I'd love to make a similar necklace one day!