Monday, May 25, 2009


Eleni tied her sarong around her hips and added a bit more kohl to her eyes. This was not the time to be subtle; she was on vacation and free to do whatever she wanted. He skin glowed with color from her afternoon on the beach, and her hair was freshly washed and silky soft. She smoothed frangipani scented lotion on her skin; a splurge in the hotel gift shop, but one she would never regret.

On her way out, she impulsively put one orchid behind her ear; as she'd noted earlier, this was no time to be subtle.

© 2009 Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

Seed beads. Hand fabricated.


Bev's Jewelry said...

Nice necklace, Definitely not subtle!

coco006 said...

very beautiful ! bravo !

Alexandra said...

Wonderful necklace!!

Gwen Fisher said...

Oh this is cool. I love your lacy row of dangling flowers.

Radica said...

Beautiful necklace and nice story to!