Saturday, July 14, 2007


She stood there, on the shore, wondering what it would be like to swim out beyond the breakers and let the water close over her, wondering if she would remember everything she'd been taught about using the breathing equipment, wishing that she didn't feel so clumsy in her flippers, and that the tanks on her back weighed less than they did. Suddenly, this did not seem like a good idea at all. She was the last one on the shore, the others were swimming off, if she didn't leave now, she'd be left behind. She took a deep breath and walked backward to avoid tripping herself until she was deep enough to swim.

She kicked gently and was propelled forward; the fins were no longer awkward appendages. She found herself automatically doing everything she'd been taught, and was relieved. Her breathing was regular and easy, no panic, no fear. The tanks on her back no longer tugged on her shoulders, even they felt as though they were a part of her body. She gently allowed herself to sink below the surface and entered a whole new world.

© 2007 Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

Sterling silver, two-sided lampwork bead by Lisa of Touch of Glass Designs, amethyst. Hand fabricated.


Bénédicte said...

Absolument magnifique !
Quelle finesse dans votre travail!
Je suis toujours éblouie par cette technique que je ne connais pas.
Superbe !

Gemheaven said...

Fabulous Cindy!!

OH and you've been tagged (see my blog for details!!)