Sunday, July 1, 2007

Finding it

"So where is the brass ring, anyway?" I muttered, as I slung Jesse onto the back of a black and white appaloosa with an evil look in its eye. Merry-go-rounds creeped me out. I hadn't been near one since I was five years old, but Jesse couldn't talk about anything else since we got here. So, here we were with those crazy horses frozen in wild positions, head to tail; Jesse wide-eyed in anticipation of going round and round and up and down, and me just standing there, dreading it. I quickly cinched the seat belt around Jesse's middle before the pimpled operator had a chance to yell at me, and fiercely whispered, "No arguments! It stays on, or you're off!"

With one hand resting on the back of my child, I stood next to the horse, impatiently waiting for the music to change, the lights to start flashing, and the carousel to begin turning. How long would it take for people to buckle in their kids and get this over with? The floor beneath me finally began turning; the horses lurched into their frozen dance.

Then Jesse laughed, and the sound rang out silver-bright and robin's egg blue.

© 2007 Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

Sterling silver, Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Hand fabricated.

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